Bars & Man Caves

With entertainment centers aside, every homeowner could use a special area to host guests and family. If you are hoping to make the newly finished basement or den a great hangout space, get to dreaming. From built-in bars to man-caves — we can build it for you!

Man Cave Makeovers

Our expert woodworkers have decades of experience crafting cabinets that look great in any part of the home. We now construct and install full-size bars and countertops to round off any entertainment room. Head over to our Learning Center for some common options to choose from.

Install a Custom Bar

It’s the statement piece you’ve always wanted. We all know what it is like to dream of a full house remodel. Why not start with the one room you really want to make great? For some, that is the kitchen or dining room. For others, that is the master bedroom. For us here at Custom Touch Woodworking, it’s the room that makes the biggest statement to you. If you are someone with a design in mind for the new man cave or bar, let’s make it happen. Contact Us.

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